Nov 30, 2011

Christmas gifts for the DJ in Your Life 12/01/2011

With Xmas rapidly approaching you may be buyin gifts or maybe you're are asking for gifts.

Here are some thoughts.
If you have an iPad, a Camera Connection Kit is a very nice accessory. For reasons I cannot disclose at this time, this is one of my top recommendations.

Looking for a cheapskate gift for a DJ? How about hitting up radio shack for a couple y-cables, a 1/8 stereo cable, and a RCA to 1/4 inch stereo. Any DJ can use these and will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Want to buy an awesome midi controller but only have 200$ LOOK, I am gonna say this again...the DJTech Imix Reload is soooo nice and it is 2 bills at bhphoto. If you don't want to buy one for someone you know, then buy one for me cause I love love love these controller.

How about a cheaper alternative for a scratcher you know? The DJTech Vtt-101 is sick, well made, and only $100.

Last but not least, an ITunes gift card is always nice, especially when it comes with a refurb iPod ;)!!!!

Got other DJ related gift questions? Want them answered by someone who with insider insight? Just ask in the comments, I can help.

Nov 27, 2011

Helping with Buying ION Discover DJ

One of the guys who entered my Mixtrack Giveaway is looking to get a Midi Controller. With an understanding of budget concerns, I have advised the purchase of an ION Discover DJ.
DJ ProLilSic writes,
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Re: Wireless keyboard

I went to the link. These items are bought frequently with the discover dj. Why is that? What are they and what do they do? Do I need them?
Those USB soundcards, meant to be replacements for the on-board soundcards that come with PCs and laptops. The built-in soundcards can often become physically damaged or quit working for whatever reason. Those devices are a way to use a USB port, and give yourself new audio output, and microphone input.
If the on-board sound on your computer is working properly, you will not need anything like that. You already have the same connections or your computer.
Once you get the ION Discover DJ. You can use ASIO4ALL. This is a "high-quality" audio driver, which will give you much better performance than the Windows Audio Drivers, when used with ASIO friendly programs.
Here is the link for ASIO4ALL
Just download and run it. Once installed you will see an option for it in your DJ software.

Nov 25, 2011

Benefits of Adopting New Technologies

I took up with the iPad as soon as it came out. I began to do demos with it, and champion the device as a useful addition to anyones' DJ set-up. I often read comments that implied (and often blatantly stated) that the iPad was a "gimmick" and not truly useful.
At the time, I couldn't be sure of where the iPad would take the art of DJing, and subsequently the development of DJ gear, but I felt strongly that it would play a significant role in both of those areas. I just finished watching a review of the new Denon controller, in which the significance of the line inputs was downplayed. It would still seem that the idea of running an iPad into a 2-deck controller is just a bit above the heads of many.
What is my point?
This...the reason you want to adopt new tech as soon as you see "possibilities" or "opportunities" or "capabilities" is so that you will reach the point of truly understanding the proper implementation first, before your competitors. DJing is a performance art, is it not, it is still entertainment, and to be honest, modern DJing probably looks like science fiction to many of the uninitiated.
To sum up, 'iPad running a good DJ app' output into the line in of a 'two deck controller running good DJ software' gives you one heck of a 4-deck system, yet with the versatility to be a small portable 2-deck system or even smaller and more portable iPad system when needed.
And here's the kicker, I came to this knowledge by believing in the iPad before I could see truly where it would fit in.

Can I use a Wireless Computer Keyboard use Midi Controller

One of my subscribers from my Youtube page, DJ ProLilSix writes, "You had commented on the dj sweepstakes that you had a $24 dollar wireless keyboard which is like a midi controller. Could you give me a link to what your talking about?"

Here is my response and a few links to affordable keyboards.

Re: Wireless keyboard

Here's one

This is similar to the one I have.

Basically, all dj softwares have keyboard mappings, and you can modify them. VDJ is easy to do this with; Traktor is a bit more complicated.

The wireless keyboards have a transmitter that plugs into the computer, and the keyboard will need a AA battery.

Of course, you can always use a wired or connected keyboard as a midi controller. A good way to do this is to map a group of 3 or 4 buttons to the same control in the software.

Just ask if you need mapping help.