Nov 27, 2011

Helping with Buying ION Discover DJ

One of the guys who entered my Mixtrack Giveaway is looking to get a Midi Controller. With an understanding of budget concerns, I have advised the purchase of an ION Discover DJ.
DJ ProLilSic writes,
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Re: Wireless keyboard

I went to the link. These items are bought frequently with the discover dj. Why is that? What are they and what do they do? Do I need them?
Those USB soundcards, meant to be replacements for the on-board soundcards that come with PCs and laptops. The built-in soundcards can often become physically damaged or quit working for whatever reason. Those devices are a way to use a USB port, and give yourself new audio output, and microphone input.
If the on-board sound on your computer is working properly, you will not need anything like that. You already have the same connections or your computer.
Once you get the ION Discover DJ. You can use ASIO4ALL. This is a "high-quality" audio driver, which will give you much better performance than the Windows Audio Drivers, when used with ASIO friendly programs.
Here is the link for ASIO4ALL
Just download and run it. Once installed you will see an option for it in your DJ software.


  1. Ah okay thanks. I was a bit confused. I didnt want to spend money when I didnt have to. Thanks for all of the help.

  2. I was looking at reviews for the discover dj and everyone talks about one problem. There is no headphone jack on the mixer. They say that can be a problem. Is there something I can do about this? Is it a major problem if you dont want people hearing your work?

  3. Sure, let's explain this. The ION Discover DJ is a Midi Controller. No audio passes through it. To get a headphone port, which will be used for "Cueing" or "pre-listening" you'll need a multi-channel audio device. Something like the Native Instruments Audio 2 or 4.
    There are midi controllers with integrated audio devices, which allow for cueing. Most are a bit above the price you asked me about initially, $150, and since you are beginning, I have recommended the ION Discover and ASIO4ALL(you can think of this driver as sort-or a "virtual" audio device)Since you can add an Audio Device later, once you are ready to begin playing out, I think the DiscoverDj is a good starting point. This will help you save money, so you can get software, but also, an external Audio Interface can "move" with you to a more sophisticated controller.
    There are work-arounds with single ports and "cueing" Take a look at how iPad Apps like DJAY handle cueing. They split the audio coming from the headphone port of your computer into "right" and "left" and use one for master output(what the crowd hears) and one for "cueing"(what you hear in the headphones)
    There is absolutely nothing wrong with starting out with a set-up like this. Figuring out how to do it(it's simple and cheap) will give you a good foundation in set-up and troubleshooting your gear. Skills that you will need.

  4. Wow, thanks for the extensive knowledge. I think I only have one more question. I did not know if you were very familiar with the mixxx software or only used it a couple of times but, how do you start and stop recording? Is it possible? I could not find anything about it.

  5. Yes, I am familiar with Mixxx.
    You need, options, "record mix" when done recording, (and this is important, because if you close the programs I think it does something weird to the recording).. Go back and click the record again to stop it.
    In the pref, you can see/set where the recording will be.

  6. I use cueing in my mixes. That will be a problem when I get the Ion right?

  7. Well, it depends on the software you use. it comes with a light version of Mixvibes, I'm not sure of it's features.
    But the best option is traktor duo scratch, and with that one, you can manually set the buttons on the ION to work as cue points. What I used to do was make the play, set, sync buttons operate hot-cues
    The traktor mapping system is easy.

  8. How much does the traktor duo scratch cost?


  10. I got the ION DJ but lately all lights are on & it won't let me do a thing. Do you know why by any chance?

    1. Not sure why this is happening. Have you tried different usb cable, different port, different computer. My first thought is power issues with the usb port.